Steven Guerrero: Bassist

Sometimes solo...Sometimes not

Bassist of the looper type. Sometimes solo sometimes not. Often for hire. Bassist for my duo Flat Earth Agenda. and Tree No Leaves Giant monsters, robots and bad cinema occupy my brain. I play Skjold Basses.

                I am helping put on this two day music festival and benefit. We have assembled some amazing musicians and artists. Tons of inspiring bassists will perform the second night.  I will be performing for the bass showcase portion of the event. Click the "LEARN MORE" button above to go directly to the facebook event page.

Glass City Get Low Down2018. 11x172018 (3).jpg

The 2nd annual Get Down and Bass Showcase!
We will again be featuring local artists from all different walks of life, styles and mediums. 
Two days of music, art and community. This is a free event and open to all ages till the evening. Virtually unlimited, close, free parking

This year we are partnering with Lucas County Canine Care & Control as the recipient of your donations. We plan on helping with adoption fees and specialized emergency needs. We love our dogs at the Stube and we want to help you find your buddy! Help us give them a forever home while listening to some of the areas finest musicians, checking out local artists and don't forget the incredibly talented Mr. Ryan Roth who will be showing off his music and his flair fo sculpting. 

We have all these AMAZING confirmed artists for the lineup and we’re very excited about it! 

On our indoor stage...
GreenAcre Sessions
Light Horizon
Whisper Disco
The New Fashioned
Boo Lee Crosser with Freight Street at Bier Stube
Ras Akkurateand his band
Amelia Airharts

Special Guests...
Jeff Daschbach, Sino Brossia, The Store High In Transit

On the patio...
Andrew Ellis
Duet To-It
Caveman & Ryan at the "Glass City Throwdown" at Beir Stube!
Johnny K AllDay
Justin Frey w/Rick Caswell

The Glass City Low Down Bass Showcase 2018
April 22nd 5-10pm

Jared Lees -Jared Lees is a soloist and bandleader with a distinctive approach to the bass guitar. His music comes from a love of jazz blended with soulful cinematic elements. Jared’s latest release, Landscapes, features his signature solo sound paired with a string section and full band. “Jared lays out the soundscapes, which create a strong emotional connection for the listener… His use of tone is a compositional tool that is used with sensitivity and creativity… His fretless playing is superb!” says Bass Musician Magazine.
Jared is endorsed by and supports Prat Basses, Schroeder Bass Cabinets, EarthQuaker Devices, Kalium Strings, Guardian Pro Cables NS and Nordstrand.

Brittany Frompovich - Brittany Frompovich is an in demand and highly regarded teacher, clinician, multiinstrumentalist, and musician who currently resides in the Northern Virginia region. Jazz luminary Gerald Veasley introduced her to bassist Jimmy Haslip as “a beautiful player on both electric bass and double bass.” Her clients describe her as a consummate professional. Her band mates describe her playing as “highly creative”, “solid”, and “beautiful”. Her solo performances are unique, poignant, earthy, organic and highly creative. 
Brittany proudly uses and endorses Spector Basses, NS Designs, LightWave Basses, Warwick amps, Lathon Bass Wear, Kalium strings, and Guardian Pro cables.

Darren Michaels – Darren Michaels newest release “Seasons”, presents the solo bassists as a singer/songwriter. Approaching the album with the idea of capturing the magical timbre of vocals and acoustic guitar but with bass, Michaels has created a highly personal, somewhat unconventional, set of solo bass tracks. "My goal is to make music to which real people will listen and emotionally connect. I'm not doing it to impress other bassists. There's nothing wrong with music for musicians, but I want to make something my grandmother would listen to," says Darren.
Darren has performed and toured alongside several other big names in the world of bass including Jeff Schmidt, Adam Nitti, Trip Wamsley, Steve Lawson, Stew McKinsey, Christopher "C3" Cardone, Brady Muckelroy, Edo Castro, Todd Johnson, Jean Baudin, Jay Terrien, and Yves Carbone to name a few. He is an artist for Jerzy Drozd Basses and can be found performing for Jerzy at NAMM shows. Many bass websites and publications have featured Darren, most notably was a review of Cumulo in the May 2009 issue of Bass Player Magazine.

Jonathan Moody - Jon is a chameleon, blending his signature voice on the bass (fretted, fretless or electric-upright) to whatever style or group he is playing in. That’s why his musical resume boasts a large number of studio sessions (in studio and remote), over 100 musical theatre productions, and a vast amount of gigs in genres ranging from rock to Motown to kirtan to folk. Jon has been featured on such websites as Bass Musician Magazine, No Treble and NS Design, and was one of the musicians in the 2012 "Are You Next?" campaign from Notion Music.
Jonathan uses and endorses Creation Audio Labs, GHS Strings, Gruv Gear, Pigtronix Pedals, Tsunami Cables, Willcox Guitars, NS Design

Matthew Meyers - Mathew uses and endorses Michael Tobias Designs Basses, GHS Strings, Bartolini Pickups and Electronics, and Tsunami Cables

Morgan Phelps – A pedal and amp builder for Earthquaker devices. Morgan will perform with his Warr guitar, a unique extended range tapping instrument. Morgan has studied touch guitar with Tony Levin and Markus Reuter at Three of a Perfect Pair music camp and has 20 years on the touch guitar/Chapman Stick.

Benji Katz – Bassist for local acts Tree No Leaves and Indian Opinion. Benji will make his solo debut at The Glass City Low Down!

Pete Skjold – Pete will perform with and display his amazing handmade basses! Skjold Design Guitars was established in 2003. Since then Pete Skjold ( pronounced "Shold" ) has been building premium high end basses for demanding players like David Dyson, Damian Erskine and many other professional players worldwide. Skjold bass guitars can be heard on just about every genre of music. Each instrument is handmade to Pete's highest standards. A professional bass player for over 30 years, Pete has refined his craft with his experience to create basses that play, sound and feel the way only a truly handmade premium guitar from Skjold Design Guitars can. We invite you to experience Skjold for yourself and see what these amazing and unique basses have to offer.

steven guerrero – Toledo Ohio, "Dreamy soundscapes and stream-of-consciousness vibes are what Flat Earth Agenda are all about. Each musical piece is a looped and layered concoction of six-stringed basses that build into a finely crafted composition that pushes the boundaries for bass frequency and tonality. Steven Guerrero is the mastermind behind this project. He couples his bass sounds with only percussion. No vocals, and no other instruments necessary here: -

We are very happy to announce our contributors for the many raffles and auctions we will have to help raise money for LCCC. I hope to see this list grow until the very day of our festival. 
Special thanks to GHS Strings, Country Hearth Center and Reliance Propane & Fuel Oil Co.
Jared Lees Custom Knives(also an amazing bass player*see above*)
CrutchWear 419
Andy Hunt Art
Virginia Rieth Art
Greg's Grill(downtown location)
Tireman Auto Service Centers
Ink and Iron Tattoo Parlour and Gallery

Thank you so much for helping out. 

Stay tuned for more details as they arise!