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Cincinnati Bass Blast...

I'm a bit slow in writing about The Bass Blast, but I took a day off from the interweb thing to decompress and spend the next day with my family...undivided attention and all, well at least until we watched Phase IV...but I digress.

I can't express what an amazing event this was. Camaraderie and a sense of community was present and it was quite a thing to be a part of it all. It's really wonderful to see so many people pull together to showcase the diversity of the Bass as an instrument both in style and in philosophy. One thing is certain, community is the driving force behind these kinds of events and as I said before, it's a rather special thing to be involved with. So if you hear of one being put together near you, please go and show your support.

An incredible amount of thanks goes out to Helena Bouchez and David Yates for organizing the night. They fed us...good food even! Fed musicians are happy musicians! More thanks goes out to Daniel Johnson, Jr. for hooking up and running the event through Ustream all night as well. The man is all sorts of social media guru-ness.

Speaking of social media guru-ness not only was the event Ustreamed but you can follow the thread on Twitter by searching with the hashtag #cincybass.

As I've said the evening was Ustreamed and you can watch everyone's set below.

Three very different approaches to the Bass as a lead instrument....

So without further goes my description of the night:

The evening began with a video introduction by Victor Wooten

Mind Blown...That was not was a pleasent surprise indeed.

I performed first...I actually got video of it this time. I stuck to my set list, something I don't do usually. All went pretty well, save for a few minor blips, boops and beeps from my loop pedals. Those things never do what the're supposed to do at a live event. Or should I say my feet never do what I tell them at a live event. KAHN!!! indeed. It also didn't help that I wore my sandals for the first half. I always play barefoot, I feel grounded and there is less room for pedal mistakes. Lesson learned.

Doug Johns and Chris Ceja were just incredible to watch. A real treat. If they're anywhere near your town you owe it to yourself to catch these guys. Doug does so much with just four strings and Chris is a madman on the kit. They also did a tribute to Trentin Manning, a fellow bassist who passed away not even a year ago. Fitting as we all knew him and Cinci is his hometown.

Jauqo III-X, Jim Gifford, and DeLawn Simpson (who plays a 9 stringed Ergo guitar) finished the evening with some of the most original sounding material I've heard in a good while. It was a sonic assault in someways and yet, there was so much grove present. Jauqo has a rather innovative technique which allows him to thump, pick and tap with minimal effort. Lots of great sounds from his band, who are formally called Jauqo III-X Reality.

And there you have it. The first annual Cincinnati Bass Blast all blogged out for you. Hopefully it makes sense and hopefully it conveys what an awesome event it was. Here's to next year!