Steven Guerrero: Bassist

Sometimes solo...Sometimes not

Bassist of the looper type. Sometimes solo sometimes not. Often for hire. Bassist for my duo Flat Earth Agenda. and Tree No Leaves Giant monsters, robots and bad cinema occupy my brain. I play Skjold Basses.

Acclaimed Musician Steve Lawson to Present Master Class and Electric Bass Clinic at Owens, June 12

I am very excited about this...Steve Lawson and Lobelia will be in town next week. Steve will be doing a clinic at Owens and later that night Steve, Lobelia and I will perform at The Ground Level. The Owens even is FREE and those who attend will get into the Ground Level show for free as well. Otherwise there is a $5.00 cover charge.

Here is the link to the full Owens article:


Here is the link to the Ground Level show:

Please pass this info to anyone you may think is interested.