Steven Guerrero: Bassist

Sometimes solo...Sometimes not

Bassist of the looper type. Sometimes solo sometimes not. Often for hire. Bassist for my duo Flat Earth Agenda. and Tree No Leaves Giant monsters, robots and bad cinema occupy my brain. I play Skjold Basses.

Show and name Change


After much deliberation I've decided to give a name to the project with Dave. This will allow a distinction between my solo sets and the sets that include Dave as drummer and whoever else we decide to throw into the mix. I didn't want to create confusion, but taking the stage with my name alone when there are others contributing to the music just didn't feel right.


Dave and I are now Flat Earth Agenda.

I like the name...there's a lot of flexibility to it...Which mean the project can ultimately include other players and genres.

Which brings me to this:

Our first show under the name Flat Earth Agenda is tomorrow night Sat Jan 15th at Woodchucks in Toledo Ohio. With Excuse for a Weekend and The New Captains.

Line up should be:
Flat Earth Agenda 10:30
Excuse for a Weekend 11:30
The New Captains 12:30

Directions are here:

I've made changes to the Bandcamp page accordingly.
The EP can be heard here:

Till next time,