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Bassist of the looper type. Sometimes solo sometimes not. Often for hire. Bassist for my duo Flat Earth Agenda.  Giant monsters, robots and bad cinema occupy my brain. I play Skjold Basses.

One Day Of Bass

Greetings Humans....Get comfy... This post is a bit long.

There were 10 Bassists and their bands present at this years One Day of Bass in Chicago. This event was brought to you by Jauqo III-X and New Life Portage Park....and the letter B. This was an all day event. We got there at 1pm and left after 10pm.

Let's get started shall we

First up was Ian Zamost and his drummer with some rockin' effects heavy slap. Nice way to start the days event.

Next we had Tim Siesser and his band. For some reason I have no footage of this set. Which is a shame...This is one tight act. The melodies present were wonderfully pleasing. I do have a pic though.

Bill Clements was insane...figuratively....He did appear to be in his right mind. Apparently he and his percussionists Were winging much of the set and damn that's brave and amazing. It was rather stunning to witness.

Apologies for my phone camera....I do however have a clear picture of Bill's Lakland and his boots:

Will Howard was smooth and mellow...compared to the high energy of bill...He told a story about one of the basses he was playing. He picked it up at a garage sale for 100 bucks. This is not the 100 bass... It's on the stand next to him glowing...

Dave and I played after Will. It was HOT on that stage. Minimal that's good. I played through a Genz Benz streamliner 900 paired with a 210 ubercab for the first time and I was really impressed. I had to turn some of the low end down! I basically ran it pretty flat, mostly because I can get a lot of the tone I need from my Skjold Bass. couple that with the fact that I loop... some of the cabs I've used seem to have a hard time with all the layers that I use. I detected no issues from this rig. I was very impressed. I wanted to try out he Overton amps and cabs that were there but didn't get a chance to... So I can't comment on them other than to say they sounded good when the other performers used them.

Ken "Mr. Lotus" Edmond Bass and drum groove oriented jams with the bass thick with effects....Lovely.

Michael Cybulskie "Big Mikey C" was very impressive indeed. He uses a short scale Watson bass. I believe he said it is 30.7 scale. That man can play! He's tight...very good stuff here. Did some Rocco Prestia stuff and some Jaco and a solo piece as well. Was very happy to have seen this.

Vuyani Wakaba and his band utilized some very impressive percussive was wonderful. Smooth soloing from Vuyani.

Jauqo III-X played his signature Avant-Funk with his band. Another apology for my camera phone... Had to get this one while plugged in from the back of the room:

Quintin Berry blew us all away...He has a very unique way of playing the bass. He also had everyone gather around the stage....that was great. by the end of the night everyone had spread out and he made the evening intimate...My Drummer even got to perform with Quintin through some Kings X and Jimy Hendricks. A wonderful way to end the night.

Many thanks to Jauqo II-X and New Life Portage Park for putting on the show. thanks to the sponsers, Genz Benz, DNA Amplification, Overton Amplification, Thunderfunk and Ashdown. Skjold Design Guitars, Specter basses, Lakland basses,HJC Customs for providing a custom build for the raffle, DR Strings ... good lord I know I'm forgetting some... You can dig on the flyer here...the sponsers are listed:

I'd have to say the biggest thing I learn from these events is to Breath... your thing. Because ultimately everyone is so different in approach from player to player, even if they are similar in genre.

And now for some video: