Steven Guerrero: Bassist

Sometimes solo...Sometimes not

Bassist of the looper type. Sometimes solo sometimes not. Often for hire. Bassist for my duo Flat Earth Agenda.  Giant monsters, robots and bad cinema occupy my brain. I play Skjold Basses.

New Skjold Bass!!

I have a new Skjold offset '92 Sixstring Bass!!

I did a video talking about it. I recently had it in the studio and I am VERY happy with this bass. The preamp is incredibly versatile and it feels great and is great to play.
Pete makes a fantastic bass. Below are some pics and the vid. Some details about the bass:

I suggest using headphones to really "hear" the bass. Even though youtube compressed the audio, I think the sound of the bass still comes through.

Skjold Offset '92 Six Stringed Fretted Bass:

Swamp ash body
Maple neck
Ebony fingerboard
Redwood top
SC-1 pickups
Vol/vol tone with dual mid control Skjold-tone preamp.

The control boost the mid and cuts the mids and is sweepable from 250hz to 2,5Khz, when you cut the mids it also boosts the treble and bass ranges which follow the frequency band as you turn it so it becomes a variable contour.

The bottom knob is the sweep and varies the sound quite a bit. Sweeping that lower knob in the cut mode will give you about three different useable slap tones and the boost function will give you a lot of possibilities when playing fingerstyle.